21/06/12 - 3 drunken idiots making this update. probably wont even work but here we go...


3 Slices 2

Bounzy 2

I Am Going To The Moon

Invertion Game

Kamikaze Pigs

Little Animals Rescue

Papas Wingeria


Roll The Monster



04/04/12 - 2 updates in 2 days.. im doing well! check out megacity from the games below it is so addictive!!


Duck Life 4

Epic Rail


Roller Coaster Creator 2

Shopping Cart Hero 3


02/04/12 - Ive noticed there has been lots of new visitors recently so deicded it was about time i got round to another update. I have been working on a new site and had loads of uni work so not really had any time for updates.


Binga 2

Blosics 3

Blueprint 3D


Hammering Ham


19/12/11 - I never get round to updating this site anymore and then i get in at 1am on a cold sunday night and see some old games on my desktop that i started to prepare ages ago and it sudenly becomes a good idea to add them to the site.


Babys Big Adventure

Button Hunt 3



Ducklife Evolution 3

Element Quest

Factory Balls 4

Grow Farm

Hungry Sumo

In The Bucket


Light It


Odd Ducks

Papas Burgeria


10/10/11 - 5 more TD games. Make the most of them because there wont be any more added for a while because i feel like they just repeat themself and nothing compares to the bloons ones. If they make a 5th one then that will definatly be on here!


Bubble Tanks TD

Tower Defense

Ultimate Defense

Ultimate Defense 2

Village Defense


28/09/11 - Its been nearly 2 years since i added the biggest game the site has ever had. Now its back with more levels and towers!



23/09/11 - Time for a change in the types of games that get added to the site i think. To start off with here is 10 new tower defense games.



Flash Element

Front Line TD

Gem Craft

RPG Tower Defense

SNAFU Tower Defense


Starlingrad 2

Temple Guardian

Temple Guardian 2


20/09/11 - Just 5 games this time but if you find potty racer as addicting as i do then this update will keep you going longer than the last one did. Also Check out the new Video section and our new Forum.


Frantic Frigates

Potty Racer 3


The Painter

Zoo Transport


13/09/11 - Here is a present for all the people who have been visiting the site today... 10 of my current favourite flash games i have been playing on the internet.


All We Need Is Brain

Cannon Experiment

Cardboard Box Assemble

Color Tangle

Defend Your Nuts

Doodle God 2

Garden Invasion

Smiley Showdown

Successful Experiment

Up Down Up


12/08/11 - Nice to see all you new people visiting the site. My promoter is obviosuly doing his job well and taking this alot more seriously than i am... its him pesting me that has brought these new games today!




Destroy The Village

Doodle God

Energy Physics

Figure Fix

Jelly Towers



Traffic Command 2


14/07/11 - Were back! I now have a promoter for the site and he has apparantly promised some new games... so here they are! Hopefully he will force me to keep the updates going now!





Color Cleaner

Effing Worms


Jelly Cannon

Layer Maze 2

Multitask 2

Snailbob 2


25/03/11 - This update is a bit sooner than expected but i got so fed up with uni work today i decided to add the games i have been playing myself for the last few days whilst skiving from revision.


Choo Choo Puzzles

Collapse It

Monkey Diner

Monkey Go Happy 3


Playing With Fire 2

Plumet 2

Space Is The Key

Sugar Sugar

World Wars 2


21/03/11 - Hello again! ive been meaning to add some new games for a while now, time is just going too quick! it feels like a week ago i last updated and its been well over a month! i do apologise and will have tons more games in a few weeks time.


Gingerbread Circus 2

Icy Gifts





11/02/11 - I can't believe how popular fly squirrel fly was from the last update because i didnt think it was even that good. I have looked around the internet and found a second version. So here it is along with another 4 new game's.



Fly Squirrel Fly 2

Happy Pancakes

Monkey Go Happy 2



03/02/11 - We now have over 800 game's! ok not that many more than 800... we have exactly 801 game's for you to play today. But before you spend weeks playing all those, check out the sites 800th game liquid measure 2 from todays update.


Liquid Measure 2

Fly Squirrel Fly

Kids Vs Ice Cream


Volt Connect


01/02/11 - How the hell is it february already? This month has just gone too quick. Oh well i shouldnt complain because its been a massive month for visitors and feb is looking to be even bigger if this continues.



Bloony Wheel

Gingerbread Circus

Magnet Crane

Shipping Blox


31/01/11 - Just thought i would squeeze a few more in before the end of january. We are so close to 800 games now so i need to find a really good game for the 800th game. Pease email any idea's because im worried im not going to find one in time.


Bean Fiend

Hurry Up Bob

Rolling Turtle

Wak The Sak



30/01/11 - I really don't know whats happened this week but the number of people visiting has trippled every day for the last week. I actually feel like this updates arnt a waste of time now and look forward to doing them.



Colliderix 2

Crystal Runner

Farm Express 2

Happy Pill

Man In Gap


Prizma Puzzle 3




27/01/11 - It's nice to see so many people visiting the site, keep it up and there will be a hell of a lot more updates. Now i know people are using the site on a regular basis its given me back the motivation i once when when i created the site :D


Farm Express

Inferno Meltdown

Monster Mover

Save The Penguin

Snail Bob


20/01/11 - To make up for yesterdays laziness i have made time to get round to adding 5 more today. Rocket Toilet is amazing! I ended up completing the game before adding it to the site.



Rescue On Cocoa Farm

Rocket Science


Rocket Toilet


19/01/11 - Another 3 new games with 2 prequels for todays update, this is just laziness i know :)


Momentum Master

Momentum Master 2

Nano Path

Pumpkin Remover

Pumpkin Remover 2


06/01/11 - Happy New Year! Its a new year so ive decided to finally get round to chaging the sites font and tidying up the banner at the top. The most important thing of all thought ive got some new game's for you! Check out the first 10 below.


Blow Things Up

Bridge Tactics


Find 29 Numbers



Grid 81

Indestructo Tank 2

Kill Your Nerves

Missing Mechanism


Old Updates: 2009, 2010


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Ball Balance Bloxorz Bubbles 2 Bucket Ball Click Maze
Contour Contruction Worker Will Enigma Blocks Filler Light Bot
Mass Attack Nudge One Level Game Phit Ramps
Rat Maze 2 Red Wire Spin The Back Circle The Hardest Game Untangle
Balls Dice Wars Dottie Draw Play 2 Gravoor
Logix Missile Game 3D Nodes Obnoxius Pac Xon
Paintball Paths 2 Pointer Rebound Splash Back
Stackopolis String Avoider Deluxe Toon Shift Wone Wone 2
Brain Drop Bubble Shooter Comboling Corono The Maze Cubilus
Draw It Factory Balls 2 Gravitude Iso Infected Let It Flow
Lights Out Mansion Impossible McDonalds Game Planed Remaze
Soul Core Stackopolis The Maze Wooden Path Zyrx
Bombay Taxi Bullet Parking Car Can Racing Car Park Challenge Cats Me
Dirtbike Drifting Championships German Autoban Ice Racer Jam XM
Kart Racing Mickey And Friends Mini Nitros Nitro Trabi Park My Car
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